Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Do I get to decide on a concept?

No, but that's where the fun is, isn't it? You tell us your story, desires, expectations, hopes, pains and we will listen to you carefully. However, it will be us that comes up with the concept for you. And we guarantee that it will be different, creative, crazy and probably dark.

2) Will you be at my civil registration, wedding party, birthday party or divorce proceeding?

Why not? Although we don't want to scare off your grandparents because we like to be weird and awkward, but it is your big day - so you decide.

3) I am not planning a wedding or a divorce, can I still contact you?

Of course. We do portraits and a million other things. Just drop us a line.

4) What do I have to prepare?

Nothing. Just be open-minded and be ready to do something weird and fun before or after your big day. If we need you to prepare something else like costume, location, et cetera, we will let you know in advance. 

5) Do I have to go nude?

We respect your wish. Remember it is going to be your story and desires, not ours.

6) How much will it cost?

It depends - how much is your soul worth? Kidding.
The cost will cover location, costumes, make-up, equipment but excluding travel cost if outside Berlin or Tbilisi and other special arrangements. Let us know your budget and we can create a bespoke plan for you, focusing on a quality outcome for your special day.

7) How long will it take? 

7 - 30 days on average. We work fast but remember you are part of an art project. Have patience, as it will worth the wait.

8) When will you be available?

We are busy people but we always have time for new friends. 

9) What language do you speak?

We speak English, Georgian, Russian, Thai and few other dead languages you don't know about.

10) Anything else I need to know?

As our service is bespoke to the individual, all other details can be discussed in person. Contact us at for more information.